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AGM 2003

Posted: September 21st, 2015


Held at St. Alban’s Centre, Baldwin’s Gardens, Holborn, London, E.C.1. on 30th September 2003 at 11am

Mr A.J. Boram Chairman (in the chair)
Mr G.R. Avery Executive Committee member
Mr E.P.Newson Executive Committee member
Mr P. Stack Executive Committee member
Mr D. Thompson Executive Committee member
Mr R. Weaver Executive Committee member
Mr R. White Treasurer
Mr K. Hudgell Secretary
In attendance:
Mr M. Pickard Chairman, Mirror Group Pension Trustees Limited
Mr I. Urquahart Group Pension Chief Executive, Trinity Mirror Pensions
Mr R. Tomes Secretary, Mirror Group Pension Trustees Limited
Mr P. Vickers Secretary and Legal Director, Trinity Mirror plc
Mr A. Bums ‘C Director’ Mirror Group Pension Trustees Limited
Mr A. Golden ‘C Director’ Mirror Group Pension Trustees Limited

The chairman opened the meeting at 11.00 am. He extended a welcome to all present and tendered apologies on behalf of the following committee members:

Pamela Duveen, John Hemple, Martin Skyrme, & Arthur Smith

The chairman invited Michael Pickard to address the meeting.The chairman reported on proposed pension legislation, the Trinity Mirror decision to appoint a new chief executive (Sly Bailey), the financial position of the three schemes of most concern to AMP members and several other minor matters.

Paul Vickers then contributed the management view on a number of items of interest and defended the Trinity Mirror decision to close the Mirror Group Pension scheme in favour of a money purchase scheme without consultation with all interested bodies. The chairman commented that consultation, even if regarded as a formality, would have been the correct course although acknowledging the change did not affect existing employees or AMP members. There was only one question from the floor, which was answered by lan Urquart.

Messes Pickard, Vickers, Urquahart and Tomes then left the meeting.
Treasurer’s Report

Roy White reviewed the accounts for the year ended 31/03/03. The net result of income and expenditure was remarkably similar to the previous year, with the carry forward balance reducing from £10,642 to £10,331. He then reported that the appeal for donations to a new “fighting fund” (a precautionary measure to finance action against any unwelcome change in
company ownership) had so far raised nearly £10,000. Roy White added that he had received a number of cheques of significant amounts at the meeting.
Executive Committee

The chairman said that Pamela Duveen and Pat Stack had notified him that they wished to stand down at this meeting for reasons of increasing ill health. Ron Oxlade had also said that he wished not to stand for re-election. The chairman paid tribute to Pamela and Pat for their contributions at committee meetings since they were elected some years ago. With regret it was agreed to respect their wishes.

It was unanimously agreed that the remaining committee members, namely Messrs. Avery,
Boram, Hemple, Newson, Skyrme, Smith, Thompson, Weaver, White and Hudgell be elected to serve for the ensuing year.

On the proposal by the chairman it was unanimously agreed that Carolyn Cluskey, Brian Bass and David Thompson be, and are hereby, elected to the committee to serve for the ensuing year.

Tony Boram confirmed his intention to retire as chairman at the conclusion of this meeting. Likewise, Ken Hudgell confirmed his wish to retire at the conclusion of this meeting. Both thought that their health was now unpredictable and in any event it was time for a new (younger) chairman and secretary. Both Tony and Ken were founder members of AMP since its official formation in April 1991, although they commenced activities on behalf of pensioners some two years earlier. Tony Boram recalled the major part played by the late Don Wood, deputy chairman until his untimely death in July 1999, and Ernie Musselbrook who was a valued committee member until his death in November 1999.

The chairman was interrupted at this point by Bob Avery who made a surprise presentation to Tony Boram, Ken Hudgell and Eric Newson (who served many years as treasurer until handing over to Roy White in late 2001. All three recipients were taken completely by surprised and thanked the assembled members, and other not present, for their generous and kind thoughts.

The chairman continued by saying that the committee had nominated David Thompson as the new chairman and this had been communicated to members in the August/September newsletter. Before proceeding the chairman asked if there were any other nominations. There were none, so the chairman formally proposed that David Thompson be elected chairman from the conclusion of this meeting. This met with unanimous approval and in consequence David Thompson is hereby formally elected chairman with effect from the conclusion of this meeting.

David Thompson addressed the meeting. He said that he looked forward to the future and vowed to perform his duties to the best of his abilities to protect the interests of pensioners. His comments met with universal approval.
The chairman then said that the retirement of the Ken Hudgell as secretary had also been previously announced, but no nominations for a replacement had been received to date. He asked if any members present wished to be considered. There was no response and in consequence the position remains vacant.

The chairman proposed the following appointments:

David Thompson as Editor of the newsletter (in addition to being chairman)
Ray Weaver as Communications Officer
Brian Bass and Carolyn Cluskey as jointly responsible for newsletter production
Martin Skyrme as Membership Promotions Secretary.

All these appointments were duly approved.

Alan Burns, trustee director and AMP member, proposed that Tony Boram be appointed Life President and Ken Hudgell as Life Vice-President. These two proposals had also been publicized in the recent newsletter and, on being put to the meeting, were unanimously approved.

There being no further business the chairman closed the meeting.

Ken Hudgell.

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