Fri, 19 April, 2019

Pic pick

The Association of Mirror Pensioners’ website is now more user-friendly for the many visitors who use their mobiles and tablets to surf the web. Every so often we’ll feature a new photograph. Do send us your ideas.

Wedding photo with a difference

Visitors to this website seem to like trips down Memory Lane, so here’s another one, courtesy of former news sub and production editor on the Daily Mirror, ALEX COLLINSON.

He writes: “This picture was taken at Tony Hatton’s ill-fated wedding, circa 1973. The cast, from left, is [a very youthful] Alex Collinson, Phil Walker, Ted Graham (rear), Ben Noble, Tony Hatton, Phil Bunton (rear), Ron Pell, Vernon Rowe and Chris Evenden. As far as I know, the survivors are me, Ted Graham, Phil Bunton and Vernon Rowe.”



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