Fri, 28 January, 2022


Spring is on its way!

IF you’ve got post-Christmas blues, and New Year’s Eve already seems a long time ago – and you have nothing much to look forward to – this should cheer you up!

How about this cheeky little blue tit? How can you not feel a surge of happiness with this early indicator of Spring around the corner?

I was pleased the other sunny morning to see the bird activity in my Sevenoaks garden had increased hugely – there were all manner of tits flitting about, feeding on the mixed seeds and the sunflower hearts (their favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner), and I realised a few of them were early doors scouting out possible nesting sites.

The robin, dunnock, wren, blackbird, collared dove, wood pigeon, jackdaw and inevitable magpies were also making their presence felt, and a couple of starlings flew down for a bath. I won’t mention the ring-necked parakeets, who never stay but merely investigate, they’re just bandits!

So if you’re feeling a bit fed up, just remember, this blue tit is showing you that Spring is on its way. Ed.                                                                                                                                      Pic: David Atkins, Pexels







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