Mon, 22 October, 2018

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Welcome to the Association of Mirror Pensioners’ website. The site is now more user-friendly for the many visitors who use their mobiles and tablets to surf the web. Every so often we’ll feature a new photograph. Ideas welcome!

Forget all those old newspapers and magazines – take them to the recycling centre! Because in a couple of weeks, if you’re an AMP member you’ll be reading the very latest Mirror Pensioner. No fake news, guaranteed.

We’ll be sending you another 16-pager in full colour (because you’re worth it!) packed with news and info about all things AMP and pensions, including the Pension Protection Fund, plus committee news, and financial data. We’ve got a piece by Simon Fox, CEO at Reach plc, and from the new independent chairman of our trustee board, Quentin Woodley. There’s serious stuff about the Occupational Pensioners Alliance; GDPR (yes, you do know what that is). There’s a wonderful Way We Were feature; a £25-winning story to touch your heart. A nice little anecdote about Len Greener. And Our Man of the Moment.

If you’re an ex-Mirror Group guy or gal and want to know whether you’re actually an AMP member, please use the Contact Us form in the drop-down menu above and we’ll check for you. If you know you’re not a member and want to join NOW, please download the joining form in the Join Us drop-down menu.




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