Fri, 14 December, 2018

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The Association of Mirror Pensioners’ website is now more user-friendly for the many visitors who use their mobiles and tablets to surf the web. Every so often we’ll feature a new photograph. Send us your ideas.

WELCOME! if this is your first ever visit to the AMP’s website – prompted by the arrival of your copy of Pensions News, above, and the Q&A on page 3, below

The trustee sent you a copy of its newsletter because you belong to the Mirror Group Newspapers Pension Scheme (MGNPS). We know there are thousands of retired and deferred Scheme members who are not AMP members, and we’d like you to join us.

It’s only £10 for life. And if you received Pensions News, you are eligible to join AMP.

We welcome members from all titles, all departments, whether pensioners, deferreds, or active deferreds (working.) We especially welcome widows and widowers of members past. You are all part of the AMP family.

Please have a look round the site –  there’s a joining coupon available from the Join Us dropdown menu.

You’ve just missed our 2018 AGM – it was in London on October 30 – but if you live in Scotland and join straight away, you could attend the Scots’ annual meeting on November 21 (see below). Please take your copy of Pensions News along as ID.

Not only that, if you join immediately, we’ll arrange for you to receive our all-singing, all-dancing autumn 2018 newsletter, Mirror Pensioner. Sixteen pages packed with news, views, features – and the inevitable obits.

And as an AMP member, thereafter you’ll receive two magazines a year. You’ll have access to this regularly updated website where we’ll keep you au fait with all things AMP and pensions, as well as publicising reunions etc on Members’ Noticeboard. You can keep up with old colleagues from all Mirror Group titles, and you can send us your reminscences for the All Our Yesterdays page, too.

You’ll also benefit from the activities of your experienced and knowledgeable committees. And we’re just at the end of an email, should you need specific info or advice.

So why not join the AMP family? It’s so much more than just a pensioners’ association.



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