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Mike Rose

Posted: December 11th, 2020

Former Mirror Group promotions and publicity man MIKE ROSE died on November 18 [2020]. He was 84 and had been suffering from the blood condition myelodysplasia.

AMP treasurer Ray Evans, who worked with Mike, said: “I had a lot of respect for Mike, we worked fairly closely from the early 70s. He was working for the products department (publicity then admin – business services) and one of my tasks then was to monitor the finances of his department. He worked on a good range of products, from the Mirror Dinghy up to a diesel yacht, the Tent Trailer, the Punters Club branded “Settler”, a  hand-held electronic gadget for calculating winning bets, and then a larger desk version version for the bookmakers.

“Mike would entice the larger bookmaking groups with MGN’s discount scheme to encourage big-number orders. Sadly, Maxwell dictated that anything peripheral to the main newspaper should go, so that was the end of Products. Mike spent his latter years within MGN’s transport department and finally on the switchboard.

“I kept in close contact with Mike for all those years and we were due to meet up last April – but Covid put paid to that.”

Mike’s brothers Richard and Steve remember: “Mike was born in the East End of London and grew up just before and then throughout the duration of the war. On leaving school, Mike began a lifetime career at the Daily Mirror, interrupted by his National Service.

“Returning to the Daily Mirror his career publicity and promotions flourished, and he was soon organising and undertaking nationwide seaside beach tours where he would meet and engage with all types of people and celebrities. He later took a central team role in developing and marketing a range of products, including the Daily Mirror tent trailer and the Daily Mirror sailing dinghy. The dinghy was very successful and made the sport of sailing more widely available to the general population. It was the springboard for him to become a proficient sailor which gave him a great deal of satisfaction. He eventually became the secretary of the worldwide Mirror Dinghy Association.

“Mike was a sporting enthusiast throughout his life. He played football for East London Schoolboys, represented his army unit and played at the top amateur level for Epping Town. When he hung up his boots, he took up squash and represented Redbridge Sports Centre at senior level. Throughout his life Mike took a keen interest in foreign travel; this was enhanced  in later years as he spoke fluent French. On retirement, Mike studied French at the University of East London and was still honing his language skills at various colleges right up until he died.

“Mike will be sorely missed by all our family, and will be forever remembered as a kind, genuine and smashing bloke. He was, to quote the East End of London, a ‘diamond geezer’.”

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