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Ian Calcott

Posted: March 2nd, 2024

IAN CALCOTT, a former Daily Record senior reporter and bureau chief in the paper’s Edinburgh office, died in Forth Valley Hospital, Stirlingshire on February 28 [2024] after a short illness. He was 85. (You can read a fascinating obituary here:

To say he was a keen angler was an understatement. He was a published author on salmon fishing and was equally happy fishing for trout.

AMP comittee member and the Record’s former news editor, Malcolm Speed, said: “Apart from being a top newsman directing coverage from Scotland’s capital city to the Scottish border, Ian’s great passion was standing in water casting a line fishing.”

Arnot McWhinnie, the Record’s former crime reporter, who also wrote a fishing column for the paper under the byline Silver Wilkie, paid tribute to Ian. He said: “Ian and I both worked as reporters on the Daily Record – he in Edinburgh and me in Glasgow – at a time when the finest journalistic team in Scotland helped to propel the newspaper’s circulation into the stratosphere. The Record sold on average 780,000 papers a day – to a little more than five million Scots. It was more than the circulation of all the other Scottish titles put together.

“Ian was a legend in angling circles and fished for salmon and trout all over Scotland. He was an active member of the Scottish Anglers’ National Association, the governing body for game angling in Scotland, and was the author of “The Art of Salmon Fishing”. He retired from the Record in 1994.”

We offer sincere condolences to Ian’s family.

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