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David Jack

Posted: May 27th, 2022

DAVID JACK, who has died aged 94, was a stalwart reporter who helped The People reach sales figures of more than five million. (His funeral is at 1pm on Monday, July 11 at Salisbury Crematorium, Barrington Rd, Salisbury SP1 3JB.)

Softly spoken and conservatively dressed, David Jack was a beacon of calm in an often frantic newsroom. Out on the road, his measured and unflappable approach to even the most challenging assignment brought him many an exclusive.

Former People sub Mike Warner recalls: “The thing about David Jack was it had to be CORRECT, not OK or just passable.He was a stickler for getting everything copper-bottomed. The paper once did a consumer survey on home fire extinguishers. David insisted on spelling out the difference between the metal bits and the plastic bits, explaining: “It could mean the difference between life and death.”

“He often contributed carefully thought out pieces for the Opinion Page. Many a Friday night he would sit in our department as his words were finalised, simply to share the satisfaction of dispatching a pristine argument well made.

“David was also passionate about The People’s annual charity drive, helping those in need. His descriptions of their plight were fulsome and graphic, and even though he knew the finished article would appear under someone else’s byline, he never complained. He knew it was his finely crafted words that would touch the hearts of our readers and bring in tens of thousands of pounds in donations.”

Another People sub, Colin Henderson, remembers: ” David was nothing if not versatile. When he left The People he worked for the girl guides, producing stories for the Guiding Association’s magazines and vividly bringing to life the tales from girl guide units all over the country.

“He was a great mate of fellow reporter Peter Bishop, and on Friday nights they would head for the Devereux pub in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, sinking pints of Courage Directors to celebrate the end of their working week.”

Funeral details will appear later. With thanks to Plainjohn. Photo: Mirrorpix.

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