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Alexander Forrester

Posted: July 27th, 2023

FORMER Daily Record platemaker ALEXANDER FORRESTER died on June 24 [2023], aged 90.

His daughter Isabel said: “My Dad (known to all as Alex) passed away peacefully at the age of 90 after a short illness. His wife, Rae, was with him. They had recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My mother passed away later in 2023.

“Dad was an AMP member, attending annual meetings for as long as he was able. He was at the Daily Record all his working life, most of it as a platemaker.

“He joined the Record straight from school, delivering papers. He remembered rushing to get the bundles of papers to the trains on time. Soon after, he moved to the platemaking department, and worked there till he retired in 1994.

“Outside of work he loved hill-walking, trudging about the soggy Scottish hillsides to take in the spectacular views. He and my mother enjoyed music, and attended to countless concerts and shows. They holidayed across the world and visited many countries on their wish-list. After retiring, Dad continued his lifelong love of learning, and went to college to get qualifications in computing, French and German. He is sadly missed.”

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