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We’re all in this together – the sequel

Posted: March 26th, 2020

WE ASKED the Mirror Group diaspora for some help and advice to cheer us all up during the CV-19 lockdown. Thanks guys. Here are some funnies, and some more serious – additions to follow.

Let’s start with this gem from STEVE ATKINSON: Why did the toilet roll fall down the stairs? To get to the bottom.

Two classic and hilarious videos suggested by FRANK THORNE. Watch the late, great Victoria Wood’s spoof on the step class:
And another take on keep fit for oldies by retired Gaelic Amateur Athletics star Kevin Cummins (contains swear words):

From DOUGLAS BENCE: This link isn’t fun exactly, but will give those that need it something to do. Slag off religion, politicians and national selfishness. Should stimulate debate!

Advice from Polly McLeod: I have one easy suggestion, both practical and hopefully entertaining, which I’m going to put into practice tomorrow evening: meeting a friend for a virtual drink. It can be on FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger… Plan the date and time rather than simply picking up the blower; on the coffee table next to your v comfy sofa have a bottle of great wine, some olives/nibbles/wo’evva, and put your phone on some cushions on another table/chair to keep it upright so it doesn’t interfere with your pouring/drinking/eating etc. It’s kind of a lock-in during lockdown, although not as most Mirror folk know it.

A serious blog from ALASTAIR CAMPBELL:

And his 20 reasons to look on the bright side (you can read why on Alastair’s blog): Cleaner Air. More Kindness. More Volunteering. More Respect For So-Called Unskilled Workers. More Appreciation For NHS Staff. More Solidarity With Other Nations. More Sharing Of Funny Videos. Events Being Cancelled. More Music. More Time For Books. No Issues With Bbc Transport. Strange New Things Happen. New Enterprises Spring Up. The Dog Is So Happy. The Birdsong Is Louder. Everyone Is Talking About (And Noticing) Trees. Burnley Are Basically League Champions. Old Football Is Sometimes Better Than New. The Olympics Postponement Is An Opportunity For Some. I Have Found A New Blog Format.

From an inertia-ridden MAGGIE HALL: My immediate response is: how pathetic I am – I can, despite being basically house-bound, still find an excuse not to do all those things I never got round to doing – like going through those boxes of photos, cleaning out a cupboard, sorting through never worn clothes – because “I don’t have time”. Great idea you’ve got here. You’ll get some fun responses – and some that will put me to shame.

MIKE MALONEY: I’ve just come back from the doctor’s. I told him I have a big problem – I keep thinking I’m Tom Jones. He said: “It’s not unusual.”

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