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Volunteers needed for Fleet Street history

Posted: June 8th, 2023

THANKS to AMP committee member JEAN CARR for spotting an interesting project about Fleet Street: “Walking back up Fleet Street after a recent AMP committee meeting, I was shocked to see that a huge section of the street opposite the Telegraph had been demolished, with no indication of what’s being built there.

“And I noticed the Telegraph windows had a fascinating display of pages on the different aspects of the history of Fleet Street – a project in the making by which aims to create 100 information panels and website pages all about the people, places, ideas, and personal stories that make up the history of the area, from 1700-2000.  

I got talking to a man who was  intently reading all the panels, and I happened to mention that my late eldest sister, Win, had been a journalist at the Telegraph (Woman’s Editor and Travel Editor) for almost 40 years, and that I’d worked in Fleet Street, too. We were still chatting almost 30 minutes later when I had to rush away to meet my husband.

“The man reading the displays said his parents were from the Windrush generation, and that he worked in the City and was fascinated by the history of Fleet Street. He insisted on shaking my hand when I left, saying he couldn’t wait to tell his children that he had met a Fleet Steet hack – I felt like a museum piece!

“The heritage project is supported by the City of London Corporation and private donors. The 55 panels completed so far have largely been written by volunteers, and  the organisation is appealing for more contributors. See their website for details.”

Let’s get the Mirror Group history up there!

This from Fleet Street Heritage:

“The Fleet Street Heritage Project ( is aiming to produce 100 information pages/webpages about many aspects of the heritage of Fleet Street, including mini-biographies of many current and ancient newspapers. So far, we have written 55 of these pages. (Please see list at the end of this post – click on the hyperlinks of interest.) Many of these have been written by volunteers, and if you would be interested in writing on any other subject, whether on our list or not, please contact fleet street heritage via their website.

We welcome comments on individual pages, & feedback on this website. Thanks!”

Points of interest/Map
List of newspapers and dates
Fleet St Heritage Walk Map__new
Fleet St Heritage Walk Text  new
Freedom of the Press
Legend of Sweeny Todd   new
The River Fleet
The Newspaper Stamp Tax
Fleet Street Heritage Sundial

Fleet Street in the 1500s

Fleet Street at the Reformation
Fleet Street in the 1600s

The Great Fire, 1666
Monuments of Fleet Street 
17  (Prince Henry’s Room)   new
62 Fleet Street

63 Fleet St & 28 Stonecutter St
85 Fleet  St – the Reuters building
Magpie Alley
Ashentree Court
Crane Court
St Dunstans-in–the-West
St Bride’s Church

St Brides Crypt & exhibition   new
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
Temple Bar
Middle Temple  new
Cliffords Inn
The Royal Society in Fleet St.
The Statiioners Company  new
St. Bride Foundation
Richard Carlile
Dr. Johnson
Thomas Tompion & clockmaking
Cobbett, Paine & Fleet Street

William Caslon/Typefounders  Wynken de Worde  new

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