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Trinity cuts affect AMP

Posted: July 30th, 2015

THE Association of Mirror Pensioners regrets that the forthcoming and future issues of Mirror Pensioner magazine will be sent to AMP members only. Pensioners who have not joined AMP will no longer receive our bumper autumn newsletter, writes chairman TOM BROWN.

With generous financial help from Trinity Mirror, previous issues had been printed and mailed to around 9,000 Mirror pensioners and deferred pensioners, irrespective of AMP membership.

But Trinity Mirror says it is having to review every one of its costs and has informed us that, as part of a cost-cutting programme, it can no longer provide that support. The company’s latest report showed increased cost-cutting – from £10M to £20M.

A director explained: “As you will be aware, trading is tough and we are having to take further cost actions to support the business. In light of this we have given serious consideration to our continued funding of the newsletter and regret that we will be unable to fund the cost.”

AMP feels it would be unfair to our loyal paid-up members to use association funds to continue to extend distribution of Mirror Pensioner to non-members.

The AMP fund has been contributed by members for professional advice and legal services, which can be expensive, and for supporting members who have to take action to receive their pension entitlement. In today’s fast-changing pension environment, it is vital to have that financial protection.

Our annual spring newsletter is unaffected because the printing and postage are paid for by AMP, and it will continue to be distributed to AMP members only, as now.

If you are a member of Mirror Group “Old” Scheme with its linked Past Service Scheme (PSS), and/or the MGN “New” Pension Scheme, you are eligible to join the Association of Mirror Pensioners.

There’s a joining form on the “Join Us” page (see drop-down menu above). Simply double click on the PDF and print it out.

This autumn’s issue of Mirror Pensioner, now in production, will include all the latest news about our pensions, plus stories about our ex-colleagues (and what they get up to!) and a special members-only travel offer.

DON’T MISS IT! If you are not an AMP member – JOIN NOW!

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