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Remember this bit of AMP history?

Posted: September 5th, 2022

ANOTHER gem from Robin Parkin’s archives in France. (Thank you Robin.)

Here’s an early copy of Mirror Pensioner from summer 1999, put together by our founder Tony Boram. It’s pretty basic – eight sides of A4 in black and white, stapled together. But it’s a masterpiece of news and comment.

1999 was an eventful year for the AMP.

We lost Don Wood at the age of only 71. He had retired in 1986. Don was a member of the original “three Musketeers” – the other two were Tony, of course, and Ken Hudgell. They banded together in 1990 to fight Maxwell for our pensions. Pensions lawyer Giles Orton supported them. And we all know what happened… eventually.

That same year saw the arrival of Michael Pickard as independent chairman of Mirror Pensions Trustees.

Alan Burns and Andy Golden were up for election to the trustee board. Alan Burns stepped down only this year!

Ken Hudgell’s AGM report was a bit bad tempered – the outgoing chairman of the trustees (Philip Sheridan) didn’t attend the meeting, and nor, much to Ken’s displeasure, did Mirror Group chairman-elect Victor Blank.

Oh, and Kevin Maxwell was cleared of contempt of court for refusing to answer questions from the DTI inspectors appointed to investigate the 1991 flotation of Mirror Group Newspapers. You can imagine how scathing Tony B was about that!

Takes you back, doesn’t it?

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