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New chairman for AMP

Posted: June 20th, 2017

DEBORAH THOMAS has been appointed chairman of the AMP following the recent and unexpected resignation of Jill Palmer.
Deborah said: “What a privilege it is for me to be appointed chairman of the AMP. The committee is a distinguished crowd. What’s more they are a good bunch of people to have on your side. All I can say is that I am very moved and proud and will do my best.

“As the new chairman I hope to focus our meetings on all of our aims and objectives being realised. I know our committee members are already aware that the Association must be managed efficiently, effectively and economically on the members’ behalf.

“I shall be seeking advice, and not a little wisdom, from our secretary Gerald Mowbray. I also hope to pick the brains of our treasurer Roy White. He used to be the treasurer for Mirror Group Newspapers so he’ll soon put me straight.

“Deputy chairman Tom Brown was a friend of my late husband Steve Turner and I hope to look Tom up when I’m in Scotland in a few weeks’ time. I shall also be knocking on the door of that dynamic duo, Caro Cluskey and Brian Bass, who manage the website and the newsletter and just about everything else.”

Jill Palmer cited a conflict of interests between her role as AMP chair and her position as chairman and trustee of the Journalists’ Charity. She said: “I have reluctantly decided to resign from the committee of the Association of Mirror Pensioners. I really enjoyed being involved and am sorry it did not last longer.” Recent recruit to the AMP committee Nick Fullagar also stood down following Jill’s resignation.

Debbie’s appointment was made after a canvas of the full AMP committees, both London and Scotland. There were no other candidates, which illustrates the wholehearted support she enjoys.

AMP secretary Gerald Mowbray said: “I am very pleased to confirm Deborah Thomas has been elected as our new chairman. I will formally record the appointment at our next committee meeting in September, and we will ask for formal endorsement for the continuation of the appointment, along with other officers and committee members, at the AGM and Scottish annual meeting later this year.”

Debbie is uniquely qualified to take on the AMP chairmanship, particularly given her NUJ negotiating background at Reed International, and, perhaps even more relevant, her involvement in the organisation and management of the British Association of Journalists, co-founded by her late husband and Daily Mirror hero, Steve Turner.

Over the years, Debbie undertook a huge amount of work for the BAJ, and in fact ran BAJ solo, full-time, for nearly a year during Steve’s initial illness in 2002.

She has a great deal of experience in every aspect of membership matters, including welfare and guidance for members, as well as in management, administration, event organisation, publishing and promotions.

Debbie added: “My main field of interest on the committee so far has been promotion and recruitment. It is important that Mirror Group pensioners from all departments, all walks of life and all trade unions are represented by the Association of Mirror Pensioners. So if you are reading this and are not already a member, join today! It only costs a tenner for life.”

The Association also welcomes members’ additional voluntary contributions towards its Reserve Fund, an all-important insurance should we need to go to court again, or require other expensive professional advice in order to protect our pensions in the future.

If you navigate to the “Join Us” page from the drop-down menus above, you will find a joining form.

If you know friends or colleagues from Mirror Group days – all titles, all departments – who could be members of AMP but aren’t, please point them in our direction.

If you have any other queries or need help or advice, please use the “Contact Us” form – your email will go direct to AMP HQ.

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