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Marvellous Mirror memory

Posted: November 3rd, 2021

IT’S 57 years ago, but there will be people reading this who actually remember the heady days of 1964. And it was in June of that year that the Daily Mirror announced a record-breaking average daily circulation of five million copies.

Such vast numbers simply do not compute in these digital days, when so many readers get their news from the web, on their phones, and on Instagram and TikTok.

But the 5m milestone was magnificent, and was hugely celebrated.

We’re indebted to ROBIN PARKIN for unearthing his precious copy of STET – the Mirror’s then inhouse newspaper – from his archives in rural France. And here’s the front page of STET dated July 1964 (Vol. 6, No 6!)

The headline says it all, and the picture is of a youthful Gloria Sharp, who then had been at Mirror Group for only six months. Glo, of course, went on to become Joe Haines’s secretary.

Photographer Ian Harris took the picture outside the Mirror’s famous Holborn Circus building. The chap in the flat cap is named as Alf “Gilly” Gillingwater, from the engineers’ assistants’ department. He was 70 then, and had been a Mirror man for 42 years.

This is just a taster – because inside this and other copies of STET and its successor Mirror Group News, which Robin kindly sent across the Channel, is an abundance of Mirror Group memorabilia – and we’ll be dipping in from time to time to remember the way we were.

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