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A duo (not a hat-trick) of hacks

Posted: May 15th, 2021

APOLOGIES, we got our statistics in a twist in the original post from Scots’ Committee member MALCOLM SPEED spreading the news about journalists’ successes in the recent Scottish elections. Only one of these political prizewinners has a direct connection to AMP, but a hat-trick  duo of hacks is still quite an achievement…

Two former Daily Record and Sunday Mail journalists have been elected to the new Scottish Parliament:
RONA MACKAY, a features sub-editor at the Daily Record, held her constituency seat in Strathkelvin and Bearsden for the SNP with an increased majority. Rona, of course, is one the AMP’s Parliamentary Patrons. (Another Scot, and Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, Christine Jardine, is our Patron in the House of Commons. She is a former editor of the Press Association in Scotland.)

RUSSELL FINDLAY, a former top crime reporter on the Sunday Mail, secured a List seat for the West of Scotland for the Conservatives, in a constituency held by the SNP. Russell’s investigations were feared in gangland, and a man posing as a postman threw acid in Russell’s face. Russell wrestled him to the ground and held him until Police arrived. Russell’s assailant was jailed for ten years in 2017 with a further five years to be monitored on release. Russell has recovered from the attack.

The Scottish Parliament has 129 seats – 73 MSPs are elected on a first past the post basis for constituency seats, and 56 MSPs are elected from eight regions.

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