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Memories are made of this

Posted: October 27th, 2018

When we posted this picture from Bill Campbell’s widow Carole in April, 2016 we, and Carole, were a bit short on detail. But now we can fill in some of the blanks, thanks to members PETER PINNER and ROGER STONE.

Peter: “Just looked at the website… first time… and there looking back at me on the All Our Yesterday’s page are some of my oldest mates and colleagues. I’ve never met or spoken to Carole Campbell, but her hubby was my boss, a really nice bloke. I was chairman of the engineers’ chapel and I do remember that meeting. I wasn’t there myself for reasons forgotten, but I can fill in some of the gaps.

“Please convey my kindest regards to Carole Campbell.

“This was the meeting when we signed up to go to new plants, i.e. Watford/Stamford Street. You didn’t really negotiate with Maxwell, he just bullied his way through meetings, throwing ultimatums. It was take it or there’s the door.

“The people in the photo are, from right to left, back row – Bob Petts (deputy FOC); Steve Chubb (deputy FOC days); Phil Ollard (deputy FOC); Billy Bartlett (deputy FOC). Bill (Campbell) would have had many run-ins with Billy Bartlett, but they had mutual respect for one another. Deputy FOC Linotypes, (name unknown).

Front row, far right, Duncan (Jock) Boyd. I am sure Carole will be well versed with this name, Jock was a formidable and extremely well connected FOC. Next to Bill, left of Maxwell: Terry Woodcock, FOC on the day; again Bill would have known Terry quite well.”

Roger: “I was a Mirror engineer from 1980 to 1993 when Stamford Street closed. Bill was chief engineer, and he was a lovely man and very well thought of by all.

“Some of the other people in the photo are, back row, from the right: Bob Petts, Steve Chubb, Phil Ollard, Bill Bartlett. Front row next to Bill, Terry Woodcock and, right,  next to Maxwell, Duncan Boyd.
All except Duncan [and Maxwell] are alive and well.”

Thanks for getting in touch Peter and Roger. Any more reminiscences, people? Do get in touch with your memories and photos via the Contact Us page in the drop-down menu.

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