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A (different) Windsor tale

Posted: May 5th, 2018

A big story coming up shortly will be the Royal Wedding at Windsor. Here’s another Windsor story – from the old days at Mirror Group Newspapers – from our good mate JIMMY BAYNES.

I was the FOC of the hot metal Composing Chapel of The People (as it was then), and we were transferred from the Odhams Press building in Long Acre to New Fetter Lane, next door to the Stab in the Back [local pub].

Relations between chapels and management in those days were at an all-time low – management screaming: “It’s the management’s job to manage”, and chapels shouting: “You couldn’t manage a ****-up in a brewery.”

However, The Duke of Edinburgh had said it was a tragedy that two sides in a communications industry couldn’t communicate with one another, and he arranged with Percy Roberts to hold a residential seminar at Windsor Castle, where representatives from management and chapels would thrash out differences on neutral ground. It was arranged by IPC’s newspaper division. Twenty managers and FOCs held consultations at St George’s House, Windsor Castle for five days in June, 1970.

Percy Roberts introduced the consultation procedure and we had a talk from the Dean of Windsor, The Very Rev. Robin Woods.

It was a unique experience and I revelled in the peace and tranquility. We all got on well and the Dean was our splendid host. I remember sitting in the Garter Knights’ Stalls during Evensong.

From my memorabilia I have sent a picture of the delegates posing on the steps of St George’s Chapel. No doubt we will soon be seeing some VIPs doing the same.

I’m still chugging along and enjoy giving the occasional lecture to a young generation. My wife Maureen has now levelled out healthwise, and is able to get about gently. I consider myself fortunate to be in my 90s and able to communicate and socialise with nice people.

Caption: We can’t name many. Jimmy B is fourth from the left, front row. Don Woods is far left, back row. Training manager Bill ?? is third from the left, middle row. Ron Millott, Mirror Composing FOC, is fifth from left, middle row. If you can ID those pictured, please let us know via the Contact Us form in the drop down menus.

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