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Obituary Archive

The following list of lost colleagues is as detailed as we can provide. In a few cases precise dates or the department in which the member worked has not been recorded.

Acheson S 9/12/00 Circulation
Adams D 31/01/15 Advertising
Adams J 20/12/08 Maintenance
Adams L 4/03/15 Reporter
Airs G 14/02/15 Reporter
Alderton GL 19/11/02 Circulation
Allt B 6/04/08 Researcher
Anderson J 19/08/03 Daily Record
Andrew WGM 09/04/03 Machine Room
Andrews RW 27/11/05 Security
Andrews W T 19/12/00 Process
Angus Mrs I 11/12/00 Messengers
Arnold H 8/11/14 Reporter
Arnold RC 27/06/03 Composing
Atkins EJ 17/01/06 Circ.Rep DM/SP
Avery B 04/06 Telecoms
Baird R A D 24/3/01 SM Editorial
Baker FD 30/03/06 Foundry
Balls AE 26/01/03 Production
Balwin J 7/09/02 DM Reels
Barley PG 25/02/06 Widow
Barss P 24/04/02 Machine
Barss S 3/1/01 Machine
Batsman M S 24/1/01 Machine
Bedford R 19/05.12 Science editor
Bell J 4/09/14 TV Editor
Bennett AE 01/05/03 DM Copy Room
Bennett F 31/05/03 Mech. Engineers
Benton CE 22/062006 Publishing
Berry HH 25/10/05 Machine
Berry J 17.12.03 Composing
Best JE 31/08/02 Engineers
Bill A L 2/99 DM Publisher
Birkin V Deputy Editor
Blash WJ 18/08/03 Publishing
Blunt N 30/04/03 Sporting Life
Bolton EJ 21/12/05 Machine
Boram T 12/10/14 MGN director/AMP President
Bostwick L 11/11/01 Advertising
Boucher HA 20/05/03 Composing
Boyle Mrs I S 1/1/01 SDR Adverts
Bradbury D 13/07/15 DM writer
Bradshaw S 17/11/05 Engineers
Broderick J 13/3/02 Machine
Brown H 26/11/01 Manchester Comps
Brown WH 20/12/05 DR/SM pic desk
Bruce D 28/03/08 Overseer
Bryce C 15/01/06
Buckham F F 24/3/02 Director
Bulpitt HL 29.12.02 Not known
Bunn LE 05/02/03 Machine Room
Burridge P.C 20/2/02 Press Room
Bury J.A 26/5/04 Editorial Manchester
Bury JA 26/05/04 Editorial
Butcher G 26/11/01 Telecoms
Bygrave JC (See obit) 14/07/03 DM Sport
Byrne 26/10/02 Publishing
Cameron AM 21.07.03 Daily Record
Campbell W 25/01/06 Dir. Engineers
Carden J 21/2/01 Electricians
Carpenter I K 10/5/01 Building Services
Casey G W 10/5/01 SM Sports Editor
Champion AH 13/12/05 Engineers
Clark RW 07/01/06 Foundry
Clayton HF 25/02/03 Admin Controller
Clifford J 21/4/01 Manpower
Clyne S Picture Editor
Collard J W 15/4/04 SP Rotary
Collings A E 24/12/01 Transport
Collins RC 20/05/03 DM/SM Copy
Collis WE 15/10/96
Comer JF 23/05/05 Building Services
Cook ER 03/10/02 Electrician
Coomber E 11/04/06 Warehouse
Coote LF 17/01/03 Publishing
Corrall F K 17/1/01 Machine
Corrie H 15/11/06 Legal manager
Cuthbert DR 02/06/06 Machine
Daley A Mirror Circulation Manchester
Davidson P 5/02/2015 Sub-editor
Davies M 10/09/14 Reporter
Delve S 07/11 Sporting Life reporter
Desborough J 8/11/13 Chief political correspondant
Dibb L 16/1/01 Machine
Dickens PS 10/04/06 Edit/Manchester
Dickinson KM 27.03.04 Reader Service
Dickinson R 23/06/03 London Daily News
Dixon F 07/12 Sub-editor
Dobbie J 28/02/06 DR/SM Machine
Docker KJ 08/08/03 S/P Publishing
Dodd M Cartoonist
Dorken E 21/11/00 Machine
Durtnall LA 05/03/06 Electrical
Edwards B 28/05/12 Editor
Ekblom PO 02.01.04 Composing
Ellison DJ 19.12.03
Everard R 28/05/02 Not known
Eyre FA 9/01/02 Library
Farmer JW 03/03/06 Machine
Field B H 11/11/00 Readers
Field JE 09/02/06 Machine
Fitch L 12/5/02 Composing
Fitzpatrick K Photographer
Flint J Night news editor
Flint PWJ 25/01/06 Publishing S/P
Foley GM 28/05/06 Building/Mant.
Foot P Columnist
Fox A M 18/5/01 Fireman
Fox DG Prior 2001 Advertising
Francis WI (Mrs) 06/02/02 Widow
Franklin LWG 02/10/02 Machine Room
Fraybis GD 12/5/04 Picture Desk DM
Fresco M 5/12/13 Photographer
Fullbrook C 26/10/05 Publishing
Gardner FG 30/11/05 Machine
Garrett EW 11/02/03 Machine Room
Gibbons C 9/1/02 Readers
Gibbs G 08/11 Reporter
Gibbons R 26/11/05 Machine
Godwin EJ 09.11.03 SP Reels
Goodman G 5/09/13 Industrial editor
Gorrod J Reporter
Gothard F 18/6/02 Pensions Manager
Greaves A 19/3/01 Editorial
Green D 08/01/03 Machine Room
Greenwood P 12/4/01 Electricians
Gregson RT 25.10.03 Tape Room
Griffiths GA 07/09/02 Machine Room
Gwynne B 16/5/02 Phone Room
Hall GW 23.03.04 Reading Dept.
Hall MJ Widow 29/4/04
Hand E 07/01/02 DM Accounts
Harding B 15/06/04 Editorial London
Harman JA 20/02/03 Building Services
Harrison D Sub-editor
Harrop G 12/08/01 Night picture editor
Harvey HF 9/12/01 Machine Room
Harvey JR 21/10/02 Warehouse
Haynes D 21/02/04 Director
Hayward A 04.03.04 Sporting Life
Heather GJ 26/6/02 Engineers
Hemple A 26/05/15 Telecoms
Hepburn D Process
Herbert EII 25.02.04 Widow
Hitchings AS 22/11/05 Publishing
Hobbs EC 06/11/05 Publishing
Hollingworth JW 1/5/04 Warehouse
Holtham JN 29.01.04 S.P. Sports
Horne Mrs G 6/1/02 Director’s secretary
Hoxby RE 25/07/03 Atex Publishing
Hudgell K
Hunt L R 9/12/99 Manchester composing
Hutchings RJ 26/04/06 Brit Itn. Helicopt.
Ives RW 16/05/06 Pressroom
Jackson H 1/1/09 Wire room manager
Jacobs A 12/11/14 Sub-editor
Jameson D 12/09/12 Editor
Jay JW 01/02/06 Machine
Jenkinson J 1/01/13 Publicity director
Jennings ES 09.01.04 Process
Jones ER 07/12/02 Foundry
Just R 07/02/03 Machine Room
Keen WH 20/06/03 Process
Kellaway FJ 20/02/03 Managerial
Kidd F 9/5/02 Publishing
King LG 12/02/06 Machine
Kingston JG 25.11.03
Kinnaird 16/09/02 Pressroom
Kirrage S G 16/11/00 Cashiers
Krais M 20/08/15 People news desk
Knapton L 16/6/02 Warehouse
Laird E 07/07/15 Editor
Lamont DMC 07.12.03 Editorial
Laverty H 4/09/06 Production Manager
Law HE 25/03/06 Warehouse
Leech SF 25/06/03 Machine Room
Leeming AG 04.01.04 Security
Ley C 3/01/13 Photographer
Lewsey J 03/10/02 Publicity
Lofts Mrs G 1999
Long E 05/1/02 Machine Room
Lowe R 01/4/02 Composing
Luckett BRC 07/12/02 Manchester Editorial
Ludlow RCL 01/08/03 Electrical
Macalister AN 09/08/02 Machine Room
MacCabe M 26/4/02 Engineers
Macdonald A Photographer
Marshall W 14.12.03 Features
Martin ES 01/05/06 Widow
Mayhew V 18/06/15 Editorial
McConnel B 10/07/11 Journalist
McCracken EM 16/11/05 Widow
McDougall Motoring correspondent
Mealing RV 19.02.04 Machine Room
Mennem P 16/07/05 Motoring correspondant
Mills HA 05/01/06 Publishing
Mills P 27/01/13 Art Editor
Mills WCE 10.01.04 Manpower
Monk LA 29.12.03
Morris A 12/08/12 MP/patron
Newson E 10/12 President
Noseda CJ 15/5/04 Engineers
Nunn R 3.12/13 Man of the People
Pacey A TV Writer
Page M 31/01/01 Production editor
Parsons LC 06.02.04 Machine Room
Paterson R 24/10/05 DR Photo
Pearlman N Circulation
Petty VR 19.02.04 Widow
Phillips D 06/07 Racing editor
Pirie J 15/10/05 DR Edit
Pitts A 02/04 Journalist
Pryce D 21/07/13 Editor
Reed P Live Letters
Reeve D 05/10/06
Regan J 03/12 Circulation manager
Richards A 3/05/14 SL Form manager
Roberts P 05/11 MGN chairman
Robinson S 12/12/14 Showbiz editor
Rogers D 22/10/13 Circulation sales director
Rowe D 13/10/04 Cartoonist
Sandys L 21/09/13 Manager
Saunders WH 13/12/05 Electrical
Scott GW 03/05/06 Composing
Scott RC 23/12/05 W E Newsp.
Sheehy JF 09/06/06 Watford M/C
Skidmore I 3/10/13 Night news editor
Simpson HS 24/12/05
Slater HM 18/6/04 Widow
Smith AE 24/12/05 Editorial
Smith T 10/07/14 Sports editor
Soutar W /7/12/08 Art editor
Stalker T 05/11 Director
Stevenson JL 02/11/05 Editorial
Stone AW 08.11.03 Day Publishing
Stone P Photographer
Stott R 07/11 Editor
Symes JR 04/03/06 Warehouse
Taylor F 19/07/02 Sports writer
Taylor M 28/02/14 Deputy editor
Tozeland KM 23/05/06 Electrical
Tyler FE 15.03.04 Press Room
Varley J 2012 Photographer
Venables RF 07/12/05 Ind. Relat.
Vickers B 22/08/14 Editor
Vinicombe P 6/06/08 Secretary
Vroome AG 03.10.03 Publishing
Waite K 10/04/14 Cartoonist
Walker EJ 16/02/06 Foundry
Weaver JEW 19/12/05 Electrical
Webster D 18/12/13 Editor
Westlake PD 10.01.04 Cashiers
Whitaker J 02/12 Reporter
White FT 26.10.03 Library
Wigmore B 06/14 Reporter
Woodliff L Editorial manager
Wooliscroft R 13/03/06 Director H R

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