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Ray Evans

Posted: November 20th, 2017

RAY EVANS was introduced to the Daily Mirror by his father Dave, who joined the Mirror library in 1948 and stayed for 38 years. Dave worked mostly as a “marker”, selecting stories from all the newspapers for cutting and archiving.

Ray started at Mirror Group in 1968 as a clerk in the transport department, and after a year became supervisor in a new venture, Leisure Services, where all the then group’s “other” activities were merged into one.

After much chopping and changing of activities Ray was made budgetary controller of a renamed business services department, part of a two-pronged administration division which, ultimately, under Maxwell, became a single division called “operations”. Later, it morphed into Maxwell Building Enterprises Ltd. It serviced the entire Maxwell empire and Ray was appointed chief accountant.

Around the time the newspaper group was to be floated on the Stock Exchange it seemed right that the group should control its own service areas, and so Ray had to bring the finances back into Mirror Group. He said: “We were operating as a standalone company within the Maxwell organisation but most of the employees were ex-Mirror people from departments such as building services, general admin, electrical, security, transport, catering, communications etc.

“Having transferred out all the financial running costs for these departments into Maxwell Building Enterprises Ltd., a cost centre chargeable across the group, I had to convert them back into Mirror departments once more, and control their running costs from the management accounts department.”

Ray worked within management accounts until 1990 when he was promoted to head of group purchasing (non-production). After a short spell in internal audit, in 1997 Ray was assigned to group newsprint. He became group newsprint controller in 2006, where he stayed until his retirement in 2014.

Ray became a Freeman of the City of London in 2009. He’s been married to Lin for 45 years and has a son, a daughter and two grandchildren. His interests are golf, gardening, travel, rugby, and Arsenal FC, and he’s and a keen day trader in foreign exchange and equities.

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